The Cramer’s are looking forward to going whole hog with the Berkshire Pigs. Our trial experience offering pork at market in fall 2016 got such a positive response that we will be expanding our offering this year.

Customers may purchase custom processed half or full shares as well as individual cuts processed and packaged under USDA inspection. Details still being finalized but if you’d like more imformation just send an email to Diane.

Red Ranger Broiler Chickens will also be available from the farm this year. Our experience is that we prefer this breed for both their health and flavor over the typical Cornish X Chicken raised for meat. Available after June 1st to both CSA and Farmers Market customers.

Red Raspberries are back on our grow list after several seasons off. We lost previous plantings to soil born disease but we hope to be picking again for our CSA members summer 2017.