We are a family operation dedicated to customer service. CSA programs face increased competition each year as more options become available for consumers to purchase fresh food.

That means every year we do a lot of hard soul searching to figure out how we can be more valuable to our CSA customers.Over the years so many customers have become our friends, even feeling as our extended family. But if you know nothing about us, here are some key points about our commitment to CSA members:

Delivery to Your Door! If you live in the State College/Bellefonte area, our goal is to deliver early Friday morning before you leave for work. We deliver to Altoona and Lock Haven as well.

Packed with attention to food preferences. Our shares are put together with 8-12 items that are fresh each week. We will fill your share according to any food allergies or family food preferences that you provide. You don’t have to take kale if the kids don’t like it.

Come to the Farm and See for Yourself! The first Saturday of each month we invite customers or perspective customers to visit and see how things are done around here. Inspect the fields and high tunnels; meet the chickens and pigs. Kids bring your boots and help collect eggs from the chicken coops. We want you to make this YOUR farm.

We aim to reduce your stress. Part of the fun of CSA membership is getting as wide a variety of produce as can be grown locally. But we try to limit any unusual items to one any week. Each week’s email provides the list of items you’ll receive along with recipe suggestions for anything that might be unfamiliar.

For some people, paying for the season up front can also be a point of stress. Obviously we have a lot of expenses early in the season, but if you need a creative payment plan please ask.

The rest of the website should provide the details you need to understand and join our CSA delivery program. If we’ve missed something or you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email or call.


Rachael brought her boots so she could go in with the chickens.